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sex contact almere lola 43

poor". Another ghost called "Vlad" rated a real UK company named DailyTranslate Ltd.: «Nice company to deal with, they translated my doc quickly for fair price». Now, he started another "business a translation bidding portal (i.e., a money-sucking scheme) under the name of "all translators of the world based, of course on a also sleazy website,. Phone number given on the website 33(0) is fake (a landline located in Southeast France.). Registrant Name: Naeema Joneedy Registrant Street: 20 Dokki.

sex contact almere lola 43

This clown was lured into a 20,600 Euros "boobytrapped job" for the translation of 289 html files and a total of 357,877 words. Probably, Ayat Nada, Gaza). He uses Ahmed in job posts for Gentle Translations and Eng. Note 36 Another extension of the Translation Secrets scamming ring. Languagemet Translations / Language Met Company for Translation and Transcription Services / Languagemet Center for Translation / m Use this fake address: 930 Woodland Dr, Glenview, IL 60025 / banned from proz Registration data for domain languagemet: Admin Name: yousif yousif Admin Organization: Admin. Gerald Sapin / (see Eugen Pigeon) / Lives in Switzerland in UpFreelance and in Romania in Elance. On TranslatorsTown, "Haneen Yousef" lives in Israel! And more: «Honorable Mentions will enjoy ( ) Free professional assessment by aatii at a market price of USD260!» So, their assessment will cost you USD260?